Get Communicating

The better a person, a business or industry can communicate, the more successful it will be.




“As a newly formed company we were in need of a directed, strong and well structured communication strategy to our clients and associated industries. Lana Mitchell of Get Communicating formulated, planned and then produced a high quality magazine that was published every 2 months for several years.  The magazine was apolitical, informative, positive, professional, non-partisan, independent, and at the same time forward looking. It came to be recognized as the only magazine that spanned more than 30 different industries and kept communication lines open. The magazine became not just the face of the company, but was recognised by public, industry and government as representative of an entire sector. The design and implementation of a high quality website in large part was due to the input from Get Communicating. Ms. Mitchell’s passion and desire to get it right through consultation and continual improvement led to a quality communication package.”( Darro Stinson, former CEO New Rural Industries Australia)


“Enjoyed the conference and the people involved. Congratulations for a well-run, entertaining and educational conference. “


“The Canberra Region Truffle Festival has just completed its first season being managed by Lana Mitchell of Get Communicating Pty Ltd.

“It’s not a hard task to report on the competency,  imagination and drive which Lana brought to the task .

“I don’t know anyone in my wide list of  excellent contacts who could have done a better job .

“Lana is a gem .”  (Peter Marshall, Terra Preta Truffles, Reidsdale NSW)

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