Get Communicating

The better a person, a business or industry can communicate, the more successful it will be.


Get Communicating provides a number of services that enable businesses and industry associations to maintain and build their number of customers and stakeholders through good communication and management practices.

Data Base management/Membership management:  We can maintain a basic data base for you, keep it updated with new members, address and email changes.

Newsletters/Magazines:  We can create and publish/distribute any company or industry news — whether that is on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or other basis. We have extensive experience in design and production of hard-copy magazines, as well as online publications and e-bulletins.

Website Management:  We can provide ongoing management and updates of your website, or get a new website created and online for  your company or industry association, to a set budget.

Marketing/Social Media: We can assist you to create a marketing plan and then implement that plan, including social media, to enable ongoing contact with, and communication with, your customers and stakeholders. We provide an ongoing service, or we can set everything up and train your staff to continue the day to day running of your campaigns.

Event Management:  Looking for an economical yet professional event management service? We have organised and run events from 20 people to 200 people, to rave results. Events do not have to cost the earth.

Industry Development: Need someone to submit applications for grant funding? Looking for project management and ongoing work to build an industry?  We can provide basic functions, from just a few hours a week to more extensive and intensive work.

For more information on what we can provide your business or industry association, please just email

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