Get Communicating

The better a person, a business or industry can communicate, the more successful it will be.

Our team


Lana Mitchell

Lana Mitchell is the Managing Director of Get Communicating Pty Ltd. She is a dynamic individual with an extensive background in public relations, marketing and communications.  With hands-on experience in small business as well as in not-for-profit organisations, she understands the challenges that present themselves to a business or association in working to build a service or customer base.

Passionate about the importance of communication in business, to staff, to customers, to stakeholders, to industry as well as the general public — she has assisted to get key messages communicated through magazines, newsletters, social media, websites, national events, festivals and more.

Lana has been recognised for her work with many awards, including the 2010 RIRDC Rural Women’s Award for NSW. She is also in the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Who’s Who of Australian Women.


Renae Whiting

Renae Whiting

Renae is a marketing professional with extensive experience in marketing, product and strategic role.

As a strong communicator with experience in managing internal and external relationships across cross-functional and multi-site teams, Renae is an asset in our team with skills to handle a diverse range of industries and products.

She is expert on social media, website management, as well as basic public and media relations.

cheryl smallGRAPHICS & DESIGN

Cheryl Zwart

Cheryl has extensive computing and graphics experience, with both Apple Macintosh and Windows.

She has worked within the graphics industry for 20 years and has varied industry experience, ranging from bus and truck magazines to psychology journals, to foreign language newsletters, to work within an advertising agency.

She is expert with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, and professionally trains others on these software programs. She has produced both hardcopy and online magazines, newsletters, journals, conference programs, fliers, brochures, business cards as well as advertisements for online applications.

526328_4629148745840_853937276_n(1)EVENT LOGISTICS & MANAGEMENT

Valeska Guider

The success of any event, whether it is a PR cocktail party, a 4 hour industry workshop, a 3 day National Conference, or a festival that runs over 7 weeks, requires expert planning, logistics and management. For small business, and not-for-profit companies, events are routinely handled by volunteers and consume vast amounts of time, while generating similar amounts of stress.

We are lucky to have Valeska Guider as part of our team — well proficient in all aspects of event planning, logistics and management. With a lengthy history in hospitality and events, from luxury cruises, to national agricultural conferences, Valeska is a competent and efficient organiser and manager. A real people person, Valeska’s skill in communications make her a great asset on our team.



Alan Cummine

As a professional wordsmith, Alan has an extensive background as an editor and is active with the Canberra Branch of the Institute of Professional Editors.

Alan is brilliant with corporate documentation essential in any organisation ― strategic and business plans, policy documents, annual reports, technical manuals, codes of practice, business letters, promotional literature, submissions, grant applications, and all manner of technical and research reports ― even constitutions and other legal documents.

His passion is to see that written products, both printed and also web-based, say what they are meant to say — correctly, clearly, concisely and effectively.

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